Message from the President


I am delighted to welcome you all to Bangladesh Private Medical College Association (BPMCA) where we are all committed to ensure quality health services and expansion of medical education in medical education in private sector of Bangladesh. BPMCA has been playing a vital role in medical education and maintaining quality of medical education in Bangladesh. We are providing a strong platform and forum for our members medical colleges to protect their interest and privileges.

BPMCA is the first point of contact for private sector medical education in the country. The association facilitates private sector medical education and health care services and E-learning Platform for the medical studies for the country. BPMCA has been introducing E-Learning Platform with its member colleges to fulfill the shortage of basic science of medical education in our country.

Bangladesh Private Medical College Association (BPMCA) was established under Company Act,1913 of Bangladesh and  BPMCA started its activities in 2008 with license No- 22/2008 issued by Ministry of Commerce, Government of people's Republic of Bangladesh to represent all the private medical college in Bangladesh in any stage and in any way under the provision of law of country.

BPMCA is a dynamic association now having 69 private medical colleges and dental college as its members. The Association is to ensure and support its members medical colleges and dental colleges. In everyday about 30 thousand patients are being given treatment in outdoor of 69 medical college hospitals and on an around 7 thousand in door patients are being admitted to obtain health care services. In our country 10 Million peoples are directly engaged in private health care sector and 30 thousand are health care staff are being employed the private medical colleges.

Our all medical college hospitals are remained opened round 24 hours with emergency services. For poor patients 20% bed are kept reserved in private medical college hospitals. About 30-35 thousand outdoor patients are being given treatment in our member medical college hospitals. In our hospitals 6-7 hundred different kind of operation have been done. 

BPMCA is actively working with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Directorate of Health Services and Directorate of Medical Education and Public Universities jointly as a stakeholder to provide policy guidelines and active support to the Government in framing different Rules and Policies. In time of spreading Corona Virus ( Covid-19) pandemic in our country Bangladesh Private Medical College Association (BPMCA) donated 5000 pieces of Personal Protection Equipments (PPE) for doctors , nurses and other medical staff who are treating corona affected patients. In order to provide more support to government BPMCA furnished list of 623 doctors of private medical colleges voluntarily serve in treatment of Covid-19 patient in our country. 

Finally, BPMCA is dedicated to need of all concerned. Let us work together encourage and enhance the up gradation of health services of Bangladesh. I am honored to serve this unique organization as its President.

I look forward to development and advancement of Bangladesh.

Thank you all for your support.

MA Mubin Khan


Bangladesh Private Medical College Association (BPMCA)